Welcome to my Home

Here you can find my ongoing notes about how we implement AmblesideOnline in our homeschool. We are just beginning Y3 and planning the addition of a second student in Y1. I am hopeful that these notes will prove useful to other families. Please know I am just a mom doing my best, not affiliated with AmblesideOnline in any binding way.

My name is Virginia and I want this page to just be a place where we can chat as friends, pretending that you are considering AmblesideOnline and wanting to know how I felt about any particular year or topic. I found several blogs for the early years, but as time goes on it’s like they dwindle away. My hope is to post every term sharing my thoughts of the current books, and riches, and things we do to make it work, and that someone out there benefits. With luck a full 12 years will eventually be on here.

I live in a chaotic house where we do our best to be our best and try not to worry about the rest. I never planned on homeschooling, but when looking for a booklist to read my at the time four year old I stumbled across AmblesideOnline and found the booklist of my dreams. The more I read the site the more I felt compelled to homeschool. I have felt lonely, and uncertain occasionally with this decision, but we carry on.

I have two students. My eldest student has always loved being read to, and quickly learned to read when presented with a few lessons. She loves books, crafts, and adventure. She is super social and makes friends wherever she goes. She is the student people dream of teaching and there is nothing beyond her abilities.

My younger student doesn’t like to sit still, loves play that involves her hands. Play dough, putty and slime are her musts! She kneads the stickiest breads happily and that hand strength has given her the best pencil grip I’ve ever seen. She loves hearing stories but doesn’t get as excited about sitting and reading as her sister.

My husband earns the money that buys the books and leads the girls on outdoor adventures every chance he gets. He’s also in charge of sports in the summer, and sledding in the winter.